Gândul profetic (dar cât se poate de secular) al săptămânii (21)

Our time is a time for crossing barriers, for erasing old categories—for probing around. When two seemingly disparate elements are imaginatively poised, put in apposition in new and unique ways, startling discoveries often result.

Learning, the educational process, has long been associated only with the glum. We speak of the „serious” student. Our time presents a unique opportunity for learning by means of humor—a perceptive or incisive joke can be more meaningful than platitudes lying between two covers.


Students of media are persistently attacked as evaders, idly concentrating on means or processes rather than on „substance.” The dramatic and rapid changes of „substance” elude these accusers. Survival is not possible if one approaches his environment, the social drama, with a fixed, unchangeable point of view — the witless repetitive response to the unperceived.

(Marshall McLuhan, The medium is the message, 1967)

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