Gladiator – A Story from the Afterlife

O interesantă perspectivă despre Gladiator, un film pe care l-aș revedea oricând cu plăcere …

Films Analysed

The general who became a slave. The slave who became a gladiator. The gladiator who defied an Emperor.

Gladiator was not only a hugely successful film, but it also brought about renewed fascination with everything Roman – it is important to look closer at films that truly enter the psyche of the audiences and inspire influence. And why were the audiences transfixed? The above three sentences certainly aroused feelings of longing and aspiration – its timeless theme appealed to a modern audience. Its hero represented the man everyone wanted to be and be with. And the era brought about such a colourful palette and imagination that we all watched with dazzled astonishment. Its spell, working from the opening bars of the soundtrack, as the audience is introduced to the man who will defy prejudice and injustice and die a hero.

                And yet despite this critics decried it. I wouldn’t…

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