10 reasons why Christians need to welcome Muslim refugees with open arms

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2. Jesus calls us to leave behind our Tribalism

Part of what Jesus is digging at here, is our human tendency towards tribalism. That “Us and Them” mentality that rears its ugly head whenever we feel threatened. Politicians are MASTERS of pressing those tribal buttons. (Donald Trump presses the tribal button gleefully every time he opens his mouth.)

So in Luke 4, when Jesus announces his mission statement – that God would be pouring out His blessing on the poor, the people of Israel are elated. “Good news for the poor? Yes! We’re poor. God is gonna bless us! Yay!”

Tribalism. We’re the chosen ones. We. Are. The. People. Of. God. Got it?

The elation and adulation continues until Jesus points out that God’s blessing must also be poured out on foreigners of other religions. He outlines how there were many widows in Israel, but God felt it necessary to bless a widow in Sidon (located in modern day Lebanon). Sidon was a well-known place of Baal-worship. That widow was certainly not an insider (Luke 4:26).

And then get this – Jesus says, “There were many lepers in Israel…and none of them was healed, except Naaman the Syrian.” (Luke 4:27)

If you needed a word from Jesus about how God wants to bless not only YOUR tribe, but also a foreigner with a foreign religion FROM SYRIA of all places, there it is. Right there in black and white (or red letters if that’s how you roll).

If you know history, you’ll know that we have been playing this awful tribalism game since the beginning of time.

At first, we looked down on Gentiles.

Then Jews, Blacks, Mexicans and the Irish.

Then we were afraid of the “Asian Invasion”.

Now it’s the Muslims.

Nothing has changed. Just the groups we exclude and hate.

It’s time to repent and turn away from our tribalism.


10 reasons why Christians need to welcome Muslim refugees with open arms


Un gând despre “10 reasons why Christians need to welcome Muslim refugees with open arms

  1. Zilele astea, o multime oameni care spun despre ei insisi ca sunt crestini, depun eforturi substantiale prin ceea ce scriu pe siteuri si bloguri pentru a descredita orice idee de crestinism. In spatele acestei atitudini, frica, acea stare primordiala umana pe care Biblia ne indeamna sa o depasim. Printre alte categorii care nu vor mosteni viata vesnica se numara si fricosii. Speriati de anumite schimbari care ar putea avea loc inclusiv in plan religios si cultural, aceiasi indivizi nu ar avea nicio problema daca si-ar implementa ”valorile” in locurile de origine ale musafirilor orientali. O alta problema ar fi aceea ca acestia nu vor respecta legile locale, ci se vor ghida dupa ale lor, teama a unora care nu demult indemnau la nesupunere in privinta recentei decizii a curtii constitutionale din SUA.

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